Latest on Sandra Bullock: She Will Return Her 2009 Razzie Worst Actress Award

Much talked about actress Sandra Bullock, won the Razzie Worst Actress Award last year and lately she was asked to return the award because the trophy she got was just the prototype one. According to, the 45-year-old actress will now give back the award after she took the wrong one at the Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony in March. Bullock had to take home the 5 million dollar trophy but accidentally took the wrong one.

The act was supposedly kept quiet but a British paper blew the whole issue out. “We were never contacted by them to return the Razzie,” Bullock’s publicist, Cheryl Maisel, told E!. “I contacted them yesterday to check the validity of the story and was only told then that we had been given the wrong award. We will be returning the Razzie to them shortly.”

Sandra is the first actress to win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same week.

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