Latest Nokia N8 Symbian 3: Leaked Photo and Release Date

Catching up with the latest smart phones nowadays, it would be impossible for the phone giant Nokia for just stay in the corner, be quiet and watch its rivals competing against each other. There has been a leaked info about their latest N8 phone. Accordingly, this would be their version among the smartphones of great rivals, Google and Apple.

The N8 phone is being powered by a Symbian 3 OS which unfortunately getting negative reviews. The Symbian 3 OS lacks the innovations of iPhone OS or Android, with any changes being “cosmetic” at best, and no sign of speed improvements compared to existing rival platforms. Symbian 3 OS succeeded Symbian S60 5th edition which has powered N97. Taken from the developers’ site of Symbian, its highlights includes, simplifications across the UI for an improved user experience, new features such as a podcast manager and an improved Homescreen Architectural improvements that speed up the user interface and improve the behaviour of network-aware applications.

So far, these has been the specs leaked out for this latest N8 phone. 12 megapixel camera, 3.5 inches Capacitive Touchscreen display, Video of 720p at 30 frames per second, HDMI output , Divx Support ,web TV feature.

There is no confirmed release date yet, but it is believed to be by next month or by June. Stay tune for the release date of this intriguing phone.

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