Latest News on What Happened to Bret Michaels

A lot has been shocked of what has happened to Poison’s Frontman, Bret Michaels. Earlier this month he was rushed to the hospital for and emergency appendectomy. Right after the surgery, Michaels then wrote in his Fancast Blog that “I’m feeling right about in the middle right now on a scale of 1 to 10,” he wrote on his Fancast blog. “I’m not 100% yet, but I’m sure as hell not where I was when it happened. When your appendix ruptures if feels like what it would feel if you’re on the losing end of a knife fight, so it takes a bit to recover from that.”

All of his fans right them prayed for his fast recovery however only few days later another much alarming condition has happened to him. He was then again rushed to the hospital for a brain hemorhage or to be specific, subarachoid hemorrhage. This has put the star into a very critical condition and has been then rendered with critical care in an undisclosed health institution.

Janna Elias, Bret’s manager has released at statement saying “There are several incorrect reports on Bret’s condition. Bret remains in critical condition at an undisclosed location. Further tests are being run and information will be updated in the coming days.”

Michael’s father Wally Sychak told RadarOnline that while his son was doing well, he remained in intensive care.

“I talked to him this morning. He sounded upbeat and positive but they had him sedated… but he’s doing good. He sounded like my son.”

Let’s continue to pray for Bret’s fast recovery.

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