Latest NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Semifinals: Butler Advances to the

They has been described as being the Cinderella in this season but coach Brad Stevens doesn’t care. “I don’t care about being called a Cinderella or a mid-major. We don’t have resources that other teams have, and that’s just a fact. But resources don’t win games. We have a lot of guys with big hearts.” — Butler coach Brad Stevens. For all their critics they should all shut up now, because Cinderella has proven its worth.

Butler, being the first team who were able to make it first to qualify for the Final Four has really made all the way. One more win and Indianapolis would have been so proud. Being the host this year, having their own team playing would be of great pride. The Bulldogs defeated top seeded teams and now emerged as being one of them.

Gordon Hayward had 19 points and nine rebounds, including one with 2 seconds left that sealed the game and has been the reason of their win against the famous Michigan St.

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