Latest Cisco Announcement Changing The Future of the Internet

The cyber world today, whether you like it or not, has been rapidly evolving that even some geeks in themselves can’t follow the latest details about the newest technology anymore.  This day, Cisco just made an announcement and a press release that would really change the way the internet is working now.  It will pave way to a more advanced technology.

In a nutshell, Cisco just announced that they will be releasing a new router that is very much upgraded to hold twelve times the capacity of the previous model.  This should be a big thing as other new technologies demand bigger bandwidth.  On the CES show last January, the trend was 3D technology.  These kinds of technology from different manufacturers must be supported by a speedy router counterpart and would demand excessive bandwidth.  If you want to know more visit cnet’s site for a detail description of the Cisco Buzz.

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