Last Beta Version Of Firefox 4 Released For Download

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser Firefox 4 is expected to be officially released on the early part of 2011. As of this time, the final beta version has been made available for download. Beta 10 of the Firefox 4 has been the result of the feedbacks obtained by the group from the release of Beta 9. Users just need to have a better Flash support to have it more stable.

Firefox 4 has the codename Tumucumaque will bring a new, “faster” user interface. Among its new features are improved “doorhanger” notifications, Firefox Panorama, application tabs, a redesigned extension manager, Jetpack extensions support, integration with Firefox Sync, and support for multitouch displays.

Much number of pieces of feedback are needed by the Firefox team for them to improve the browser effectively. Although already receive millions of it, they still need more. Once you’ve downloaded the beta version, you should not forget to give your feedback. According to a Mac OS X user, Flash performance in Firefox 4 Beta 10 appears to have improved.

To personally experience the new things in the beta version, you may download it here and might as well give your feedback afterwards.

Improving from time to time is really a must for a browser. Rivals like Chrome and Internet Explorer have been innovating every now and then and keeping up or getting ahead would be the major gaol at all times.

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