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Lady Gaga’s Full Length “Idol” Performance of “Alejandro” Video

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Lady Gaga On American Idol

Last Wednesday night’s “American Idol” results show, Lady Gaga shook the stage with her performance of her latest Spanish-themed single “Alejandro”. However, Fox chopped down her performance which originally ran for about six-and-a-half minutes in length. Their reason? Time constraints.

“Idol cut down my performance.” says Lady GaGa. She then gave a link to her Twitter followers so they could enjoy the “full length performance.” Though the link she gave is broken, the “full-length” version quickly made its way around the Internet.

Gaga performed that night with smoke machines, shirtless male dancers and a large statue of an archangel in the middle. Her performance was taped last week after Siobhan Magnus was booted out from the competition. Of course, this gave the show’s editor more than enough time to cut away all those oh-so-dazzling-yet-too-inappropriate-for-TV portions of her performance.

Curious what are those parts they axed? Well it’s none other than an extended ballad version of Gaga’s hit song “Bad Romance”. We may have only heard her sing a few lines from that song, but it actually ran for about 1:15 in length.  A few shots of her front were also removed and it seems that the editors also blurred her left breast when she started sprawling across the front of the stage during the “Alejandro” chorus.

Gaga wrote on her Twitter that she dedicated the “Idol” performance to her fans, saying, “Tune in Little Monsters, Paws up! I dedicate this performance to you. You make me strong.”

So for all those little monsters that hasn’t seen their hot mama monster’s full length performance, check it out below.

The Full Length Performance


The Idol Edited Version


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