Lady Gaga’s Amputated Leg: Photos and Reactions

Everyone has gone gaga over the latest news of the weird singer Lady Gaga. It has been mentioned that she has BKA or below the knee amputation for the sake of fashion. It’s kinda weird, isn’t it? But, for someone like Lady Gaga, it’s kinda normal. Most of the time, she is wearing the weirdest outfit you could ever imagine. Her fashion sense made her stand out though. Some people just love it and even made her as their great model. However, to some folks, her fashion sense is already not normal and they are thinking she’s freak.

These has been her statements to MTV:

“This is the latest fashion I’m starting and you can see that I’m a world leader when it comes to wacky and weird shit huh. Next month after I recover from the surgery I hope to have the other leg amputated or maybe my arm, hmm…which one should I amputate next?”

After the news of her leg amputation, everyone has been looking for her photos to prove this thing out. Until such time that we could see her photos showing her leg out, then all our doubts would be gone. Sad to say, you can’t find anything now. Here some of Lady’s Gaga’s latest weird pictures showing her two legs and hopefully in the soonest time, we could add up a photo of her with an amputated leg (if ever it’s true).

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