Lady Gaga Amputated Her Leg Confirmed

In the wold of fashion, an artist or a model needs to be unique in order to get attention. Fans of music icon Lady Gaga were shocked as they heard the news about their idol’s leg amputation. Accordingly, Lady Gaga had her leg removed below the knee for the sake of fashion to look unique and different. What was suprising though was that her recording company was in favor and even paid the operation for her.

Excited to see the new image of Lady Gaga ? Reports say that Lady Gaga’s new video which will feature her new leg will be started filming in three weeks.

In a statement with MTV, Lady Gaga said: “This is the latest fashion I’m starting and you can see that I’m a world leader when it comes to wacky and weird shit huh. Next month after I recover from the surgery I hope to have the other leg amputated or maybe my arm, hmm…which one should I amputate next?”

I think Lady Gaga must be crazy to do this for the sake of being unique. I mean she is at its peak of her career. She doesn’t have to do that to have more opportunities. What part of her body will be next?

24 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Amputated Her Leg Confirmed

  1. What type of message is she sending to the younger ones?

    It’s not like she has any health problems or what so ever that requires her to amputate her leg.

    If she does not treasure what she has, I don’t think she is even worth to be deemed as a role model.


    All these for what? Money? Fame? They are temporal!

    Lady Gaga, Juvenile, YOU WILL REGRET THIS.

  2. i was totally astonised by gaga’s decision to amputate her leg. It’s indeed a hard decision, as it invloved removing part of her body. It would certainly bring inconvience for pop star. I was thinking ‘what exactly is she thinking?’ i suppose that most of us would probably not even dream of amputating our leg. Nevertheless, she’s the first pop star in this world whom is willing to sarcfice so much for the sake of her music career!

    I look forward to her new appearance in the upcoming video!(:

  3. lady gaga is sick. . thats all i can say en is in need of some serious prayers. only someone with demons can do such for fashion

  4. Which doctor on Earth would ever do that for her? She’s definitely out of her mind! And people, please wake up! This is so ridiculous!

  5. Dear stupid people,
    I am a designer and I can tell you right now that this is one terribly photoshopped pict. How sad that you all take everything you read ON THE INTERNET as fact.

  6. Obviously this story is crap. I don’t know if the writer of this article Tracy Edenloft gets paid by visit or what. It is shameful for a “news” site to approve this stories for publication.
    In your “about” page, says that you review the articles before posting them, this article didn’t go through that process.
    Report it to :

  7. I think gaga has lost some nuts upstairs. I mean she is really really crazy. what d hell was she thinking of when she did that? that’s absurd. what message is she sending out to the younger generation. plzzzzzzzzzzzz Gaga, i think u are possesed and you need 2 go check yourself.

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