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Lady Gaga’s Dressing Room Demands

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Is the word Gaga synonymous with the word Diva? Apparently, it is now.

Lady Gaga, who is currently on her Monster Ball world tour, has come up with a strange, if not diva-worthy, list of requirements for her dressing room.

Sources say the singer has asked for a bizarre array of food, drinks, decorations and accessories in her dressing room — the most eyebrow-raising of them all is an oxygen tank.

Maybe, it has something to do with the singer nearly fainting on stage several times and in June, she revealed she was tested for lupus. That might explain the need to have an oxygen tank on stand-by, but how about the banquet’s worth of food.

Gaga is said to be demanding a specific type of dinner specifically for each night of the week. Monday: Barbecue night. Tuesday: Asian night. Wednesday: Mexican night. Thursday: American night. Friday: Carving night. Saturday: Pasta bar night. Sunday: Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

According to sources, Gaga also likes to have hot soup, but it can’t be the same hot soup as the one from lunch. She wants variety, so what?

Aside from the soup, Gaga also wants “two steamed vegetables to be approved in advance every night and the type of potatoes have to be approved in advance” as well.

Maybe she just wants to pay attention to details as far as her food is concerned. Still not as diva-ish as demanding diamonds or only yellow-colored M&M’s in the candy dish.

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