Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Both Excited For Breaking Dawn Scenes

Twilight fans couldn’t just resist it anymore. In as much as they’ed looked forward for Eclipse last month, every thing about the next franchise movie “Breaking Dawn” has been followed.

Much excitement for those who were able to read the book version because they know that on this third movie the much sex scenes happen.

The first two movies came to be very conservative yet still rocked the fans crazy. There is no doubt that the upcoming movie wherein Kristen and Robbert is already husband and wife and a baby coming would be as exciting as you can imagine. “We totally have sex — finally,” these has been the words of Kristen as she happily told Access Hollywood. “They’re man and wife now. They have a kid and stuff too, so, I guess to get there that happens.” It clearly showed that both lead stars are very excited for the next movie.

For those who are looking forward for an action packed movie, this one’s not going to be something like that. That’s a little bit of a disappointment though. Nevertheless, Stewart assured that it would definitely be more physical! Fans need to wait a little longer since the next movie would be released more than a year from now. Fans who has been loyal to the movie won’t mind in the first place. Their excitement is just getting piled up each day.

9 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Both Excited For Breaking Dawn Scenes

  1. Cannot wait for Breaking Dawn!! The book is fantastic; I hope that the PG rating is dropped. This is what all the Twilight fans have been waiting for.

    Stephanie you’re a wonderful writer. Keep them coming.=-)

    1. I agree jeannie the pg rating should be dropped. If the kids are too young to see an R rated movie they should not have been allowed to read the books, after all it is acoming of age romance and part of growing up and getting married involves sex. The movie needs to stay true to the books the relationship between Bella and Edwards and their feelings are told graphically in the books therefore should reflect this in the movie.

  2. I don’t know that we need to see everything, the books left much to the imagination, but they were also very intense and I want them to show that.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. The books were written for the YA (12 years and older/7th grade and above) audience and the rating should remain PG-13.

  3. I agree, would love to see BD have an R rating but it will never happen.
    It would limit the number of people that can see it which would cause them to lose money.
    I do hope they go a little farther than the book did on the wedding night, I felt a little jipped when it ended with them in the water……. A little more sex please.

  4. stfuppp people i waitin to see bella n edward have ruff sex woot woot so what if lil kids cant see it matter of fact tell them to close there eyes iite

  5. I agree with you Denise and Kelley….most of the younger viewers have read the book so they already know that Bella and Edward are supposed to get very intimate. I really hope that the producer goes all out with the love scenes.

    1. They are also talking about the whole Jacob imprinting on the baby being offensive to some people and they have to be careful with it. I really hope they don’t screw that up. It is NOT a dirty or perverse thing that occurs, it’s very spritual and important to the story.

  6. Got Eclipse today and can’t wait to hear Rob and Kristen Commentary!
    Breaking Dawn can be made Sexy without too much for kiddies. Just reading
    the book you can tell what will happen and they really don’t show you. Yes I would like R but they won’t do that because Summit would lose too much money. Rob and Kristen are glad to do a good show for us. Can hardly wait! Love them…

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