Kissinger’s Nuclear Deterrence and North Korea

When the Cold War began heating up in the 1950s, an expert in nuclear strategy named Henry Kissinger turned his theory of “delicate balance of terror” into policy. The idea was that threatening the Soviet Union with nuclear annihilation will keep them in check. Likewise, the Kremlin had its own weapons of mass destruction pointed towards the United States. It was essentially the nuclear version of a standoff.

Today, there are nine nations with nuclear weapons: China, Israel, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, United States, India, North Korea and Pakistan. The Russian Federation leads the pack with 7,300 nuclear weapons, of which 1,790 are operational. The United States is a close second with an estimated 6,970 total nuclear weapons.

While tension between Russia and the United States have been high recently due to possible election influence by Russia, and Putin’s support for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the two Cold War foes have not had


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