Kindle’s Ad Showed Apple’s iPad

The rivalry of tablets makers has been overflowing as days pass by. Every now and then, new innovation comes out and companies are advertising uniquely as possible. Just recently, Amazon Kindle released a Pool Ad in Youtube wherein comparison has been pressed against Apple’s iPad.

The commercial starred two individuals spending time reading through their e-reader device. The man who has been holding a device which looked similarly liked an iPad, the icons weren’t exposed of course, has been having a hard time reading in his device. Alongside with him is a bikini babe wearing sunglasses who has been reading as well. Unlike the guy, the lady is not having any hard time at all. The man then asked the lady how she was able to read on such a bright day. The lady revealed it to be Kindle for only $139 which is far cheaper that her sunglasses.

Amazon has promoted recently that their Kindle isn’t backlit and favors reading under bright lights. It also dropped its price. Apple’s iPad starts at $499 also offers e-reader capability. However, Apple’s iPad doesn’t only showcase e-reading but a whole lot of things such as games, web surfing, etc.

Here is the commercial ad which has been posted in Youtube. Take a look at it with yourself.

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