KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich Has No Bread In It

If you are a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chains, you may have probably heard about its new menu called KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwhich.

Accordingly, this “KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich” is the newest sandwich offering wherein instead of bread buns usually used in hamburgers and sandwiches, two chicken fillets are used. It goes with toppings such as two pieces of bacon, melted slices of Monterey Jack, and pepper jack cheese and sauce.

The new KFC Double Down Sandwich commands a price of US$ 5.00. While this may probably create new craze over KFC fanatics, Walter Willett, chairman of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health said that this is not a healthy choice.

What can you say about this new KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich? Have you tried it already? Tell us what you think by writing comments below.

3 thoughts on “KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich Has No Bread In It

  1. Sure, this is probably one of the worst guilty pleasures out there.. but calorie-wise, it doesn’t seem as horrible as it may seem. People add extra patties to their sandwiches all the time and no one says anything. The only problem I really see here is the amount of sodium. I’m a small girl but you know what? I’d try it. And if I liked it, treat myself to it maybe once every couple of weeks…

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