Kelly Osbourne In Tears After Seeing Bikini Pics

Kelly Osbourne reportedly burst into tears after she saw the printouts of the pictures she shot for Shape Magazine — in a bikini.

While others might brush this experience aside easily, for Osbourne it was life-changing considering it was the first time she saw herself in a bikini after losing an astonishing 48 pounds.

She was quoted as saying, “I cried when I saw the picture, everyone that was there, we all just burst into tears. It was a thrilling experience.”

“I just shot the cover of Shape Magazine, which was such an incredible experience, I have never worn a bikini in my life before yesterday. I never even thought of wearing one,” she added.

The 25-year old celebrity famously dropped 48 pounds after competing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and has since continued to work with celeb trainer Sarah Hagaman to stay in shape.

“I just commit to half an hour a day. It doesn’t seem overwhelming and I can handle that,” she said.

“I do half an hour on the treadmill and when I feel like doing more, I’ll do a few sit-ups and some weights,” she added.

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