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Katy Perry is Maxim’s Hottest Woman

May 11, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Katy Perry is atop Maxim’s Hot 100 release. “I Kissed a Girl” Perry topped Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list on Monday, toppling “House” star Olivia Wilde on a roster that saw Angelina Jolie fall to No. 38.

While several readers feel that Katy Perry is the justified winner, there are many who feel that Megan Fox or Zoe Saldana or Olivia Wilde would have been a better option. Many feel that Katy is talented and gorgeous, but she is not the hottest! Katy’s name doesn’t pop up while thinking about the hottest woman!
However, Maxim has their own reasoning that Katy is extremely sexy as well as super talented to make her a complete package. As the magazine feels Katy can be one’s best friend and the best lover at the same time. She is like the woman who could be a man’s best friend only rising the sudden temptation to make her a lover! She can be the bubbly and cheerful girl as well as an extremely hot bikini babe!

“It’s that feeling you get when you suddenly realize that the smartest, funniest, coolest girl you know also happens to the best looking and a pretty good skateboarder, too.”,Editor-in-chief of Maxim magazine, Joe Levy says.

Victoria Secret model Brooklyn Decker came in second place.When it comes to swimwear and lingerie, it’s hard to imagine anyone looking better than this 23-year-old buxom blonde.
After her super-charged performance in Avatar, we knew Zoe Saldana was out-of-this-world hot.Next, at number four, comes 22-year-old Gossip Girl beauty Blake Lively.Transformers star Megan Fox, who has dominated these lists for the last few years, slipped all the way from number 2 to number 5.Super sexy musician Rihanna, incidentally Katy Perry’s good friend, comes next, at number six.Finally, at seven, a woman and a not a little girl!George Clooney’s 31-year-old Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis isn’t just hot. She’s beautiful, in an old-world European kind of way.American model and television presenter Olivia Munn, at number eight,Socialite Kim Kardashian at 9th place and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller rounds out the top-10.

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One Response to “Katy Perry is Maxim’s Hottest Woman”
  1. I agree with those men. 🙂 Except they put Elisabetta Canalis on tehre? Really? I dunno, I don’t find her very attractive at all. But, apparently men do. LOL

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