Kate Middleton Must Prepare Herself Of The Royal Duties And Responsibilities

Kate Middleton’s life will never be the same again after her exchange of royal marital vows with Prince William

As the day is slowly inching to the day where she will be called a Princess, she will become the envy of all princess-hopefuls around the world. She will become the face whom media will watch every move she makes.

Possibly soon become Queen one day, Middleton has to prepare herself for the responsibilities a royalty is expected of.

From one former palace aide comes a warning, Kate Middleton must find out quickly what her royal role should be to preclude the same problems faced by the late Princess Diana of Wales.

Patrick Jephson, who served as the Princess’s private secretary, urged the new future Queen to turn her attention to the practical side of life within the Windsors.

“If they want her to be a wife, a pretty face, to keep quiet and stay in the background – get that straight now, not in the future,” Mr Jephson said.

“If they want here to be more active and carry on the role Diana-style – let’s get that straight too.”

“If you speak to people who were around when Diana arrived, nobody had a serious talk to her about what she was going to do.” Jephson continued.

“She made it up. She developed her own style and role and in the end it got out of synchronisation with the rest of the household.”

He added: “Kate’s not just going into a marriage, she’s going into a business.”

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