Kate Gosselin: Bikini-Worthy Body Even After 8 Kids

Eat your heart out Jon Gosselin! Kate Gosselin never looked so good ā€“ even after 8 kids. Well, somebody did say that the best revenge to a straying ex is to look mighty d*mn hot and sexy. There you have it.

Although Iā€™m not much of a fan, the show Kate Plus 8ā€™s lead star did catch my attention when I saw her People Magazine cover. Boy, she does look good in that white bikini I would not dare wear even if my life depended on it ā€“ and I only have one kid!

Kate credits her ultra-toned body to a rigorous daily regimen of running and eating things like baba ganoush, raisin bran, and egg whites, dismissing rumors of botox and other surgical enhancements.

In the past, the reality TV mom admitted to having a tummy tuck in 2006, but says her abs are tighter now than they were post-operation. She said, “This is not what my stomach looked like after my tummy tuck. That only got rid of the skin. It didn’t build muscle or give me definition or burn off fat. I had to do that all on my own.”

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