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Kanye Moment of Oscars 2010: Burkett’s Rebuttal

May 25, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

The Kanye moment of Elinor Burkett at the Oscars recently has created a lot of buzz in the internet world. It is being compared to the almost the same incident that Kanye West did to Taylor Swift in the Video Music Awards last year. West interrupted Swift in her acceptance speech saying that Beyonce should have won the award and not her.

In the case of Burkett, she interrupted Director Roger Ross Williams at about 10 seconds in his acceptance speech for the their film Music by Prudence. Burkett is the producer of the film. After the incident, Williams appeared in “Larry King Live” Monday and said that the incident was “a little shocking.” King gave him 80 seconds to finish his speech and he said that he and Burkett are no longer friends. “There’s always, in the creative process, you get in disputes,” he added.

On the other hand, by Tuesday, Elinor Burkett appeared in HLN’s “The Joy Behar Show” and said that Roger Ross Williams’ charge that she ambushed him is wrong.” ‘Ambushed’ makes it sound like I was just some woman who stormed up on the stage,” Burkett said. “He tried to make sure I couldn’t get there before him,” Burkett said. “He just didn’t seem to think I would be so rude to interrupt him.” Burkett told Behar that Williams “big-footed me” by running to the stage while she was slowed by Williams’ elderly mother. “I couldn’t get out,” she said. “I think you get up and wait for me to get up, and we go up together graciously,” she said. “He starts talking when I’m halfway up.”

The incident already have an estimated 40 million viewers. Music by Prudence will have its television debut in HBO on May 12.

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One Response to “Kanye Moment of Oscars 2010: Burkett’s Rebuttal”
  1. Ride Florida says:

    Here I am giving air time to this idiot Elinor Burkett for her rudness. It would have been nice if it was just a ploy but rude people are excellent bridge burners. Good luck to Williams.

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