Justin Bieber Chops Off Signature Mane

Once again one of Justin Beiber’s songs could very well sum up what I wanted to say in this article – “Never say never”… to a haircut.

Yup, the boy with the golden tresses has chopped off his famous slightly side-swept bangs. Aside from finally ending the irritation that his long bangs is causing his eyes, the baby, baby, baby ohhh sensation did it for a good cause – a charity auction.

Early on Justin Bieber threw all of his fans on a spin when he tweeted that he was thinking about getting a haircut.

On Monday afternoon, Justin Bieber appeared on TMZ Live with a new haircut which made him look a bit mature.

Bieber said he had the other style for the past 3-and-half-years and that he wanted to get rid of it as the hairs were irritating his eyes. He admits to being a bit nervous about the new style but after the cut was completed, he said he was happy with that new look.

It was his regular stylist, Vanessa, who did his haircut but reports have it that she is receiving mixed comments for the haircut where some people are praising her while others are cursing her for doing sloppy work on Bieber’s famous mane. Incidentally, she was also the one who crafted Bieber’s “signature” haircut in 2009.

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