Judge Rules in Favor of Google over Android Trademark

android logoGoogle has won a legal battle over the Android trademark. The judge ruled in favor of Google and the companies using Android OS that were targeted by an infringement lawsuit filed by Erich Specht.

Erich Specht is an entrepreneur from Illinois who was behind a company called Android Data. In 2002, it received trademark protection for the name. However, on the same year, the company folded resulting in the trademark being abandoned.

Specht filed suit against Google seeking $94 million in damages despite his previous company earning only less than a million in revenue before it collapsed.

Google filed a motion to throw out the case and the judge agreed citing that the Android Data trademark has been abandoned. The judge went on to cancel Specht’s trademark to prevent it from causing confusion with Google’s mobile OS.

A Google representative said that the company was “pleased to see the case dismissed as it was baseless from the start.”

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