Judge Marsha Revel Quits Lindsay Lohan’s Case

I am pretty sure this is one piece of news that Team Lohan will be very happy about.

Judge Marsha Revel has decided to remove herself from handling Lindsay Lohan’s case following the request of the prosecutor. She will be replaced by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden Fox, according Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office.

According to Robison, Prosecutor Danette Myers objected last week to several communications that Revel had with parties involved in the case without notifying the district attorney’s office.

Although this has no direct effect on the 90-day rehabilitation sentence handed down by Judge Revel which Lindsay Lohan is now undergoing, Lohan’s defense team, sources said, are pleased upon getting wind that the judge has been replaced.

Aside from the 90-day rehab stint, Judge Revel sentenced Lindsay to a 90-day jail stay (which she did not actually serve, staying only until August 2) and also ordered the actress to wear a SCRAM bracelet prior to her parole violation hearing which led to her incarceration.

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