Jones Soda Launches Two New Soda Flavors and Energy Drink

Jones Soda Launches Two New Soda Flavors and Energy Drink – If you’re tired of your old soda flavors then here is a brand that might just revolutionize soda flavors. Jones Soda is making a relaunch and they have come up with their new flavors, a bacon flavored soda and a pizza flavored soda.

Jones Soda had also released previously other odd flavor sodas like “Turkey & Gravy”, “Green Bean Casserole”, and “Tofurky & Gravy.” Seems like bacon craze is hitting America and probably will hit worldwide too. Recently there are tons of bacon flavored stuff like bacon vodka, bacon jelly beans, bacon toothpicks, bacon beers, etc.

The new flavor for Jones Soda will be available this November.

Meanwhile, Jones Soda Beverage company is also planning to relaunch its WhoopAss Energy Drink. The reworked WhoopAss features an all-new packaging, functional new ingredients that boost energy and provide muscle recovery, as well as an updated flavor profile and color, said the company.

Jones Soda marketing indicated that the new WhoopAss comes in a tall, all-black 16-ounce aluminum can. It contains ingredients such as: amino acids including taurine, l-arginine, l-carnitine and l-lysine; polyphenols and catechins sourced from yerba mate, grape extracts, and green tea; and a vitamin blend of B2, B3, B6 and B12.

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