John Stamos Wins Case Against Blackmailers

John Stamos certainly has at least two reasons to smile widely about – his two blackmailers have been sentenced to four years in Federal prison.

Scott Sippola, 31, and Allison Coss, 24, both from Michigan who were convicted in July of trying to blackmail Stamos with some supposedly compromising photos of him, were sentenced last Friday.

In addition to four years in prison, the judge gave Sippola two years of supervised probation and fined him $15,000. Coss, on the other hand, received one year of supervised release on top of the jail time but escaped the fine. Both were taken into custody immediately following the hearing.

Stamos was not able to attend the sentencing in person, but his lawyer read a statement on his behalf.

Sippola and Coss were arrested last December after threatening to sell embarrassing pictures they claimed they had of Stamos cavorting with strippers and using cocaine at a 2004 party unless he paid them $680,000.

The actor’s camp has adamantly denied the allegations, and according to the feds, no such photos ever existed.

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