Joe Manganiello: True Blood’s Hot New Werewolf

Man, oh man! Wolf-whistles are certainly in order for this hunky hunk of a guy!

Joe Manganiello joins True Blood as the hottest new werewolf in Sookie Stackhouse’s Bon Temps town.

He has only been on two episodes on True Blood but he is already getting quite the fan time and attention usually reserved only for Hollywood top-draws.

I can understand why women will be salivating and offering themselves to be “ravaged”, just look at those six-pack abs and highly defined pectorals —  but for men to follow him to the bathroom… that could only mean he has already gained entry to the top ranks of Hollywood stardom.

Yes, according to this new reason why I am watching True Blood, men follow him to the bathroom – if only to tell him that their wives are fans of his.

Whew… I thought they were following him for an entirely different reason. No offense meant to the gay community. Even I would be tempted to take a peek at his ultra toned body given the opportunity.

Wink, wink…

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