Joanna Newsom announces triple album, ‘Have One on Me’

On Feb. 23, 2010, Drag City will release Newsom’s Have One on Me as a three-CD package, as well as a three-LP vinyl set, if that’s your thing. This announcement confirms rumors that have been circulating since Drag City posted a mysterious cartoon hinting at the album’s imminent arrival earlier this month, though the triple-album part comes as a surprise.

If you can get Drag City’s site to load, you’ll be able to stream Have One on Me’s spare, contemplative “‘81.” Triple albums can be divisive, and this one will surely be no exception. Speaking as someone who loves Ys, though, I’d say that album proved that Newsom does exceedingly well with creative gambles. If there’s any artist from whom I’d like to hear three full discs of new material at once, you know my answer, it’s Joanna Newsom’s!

This is really exciting and amazing, specially if you’re a Joanna Newsom fan. I really can’t wait to buy her album!

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  1. I have been watching As The World Turns for over 40 years. I started watching as a little girl when my mom could not miss her soaps. Bring it back please. This is the only soap opera that I have followed. Thank you!!

    1. Don’t think your going to be watching many soaps without tier 5. Time to turn the soap box off and pound the pavement.

  2. OMG! People give it a rest. Why is is for many of you so terrifying that the dream act could be pass? Some people are saying that if they pass DREAM ACT, ilegal students will have the opportunity to higher education. They also think that the possibilities for the legal resident of getting into a good college will be limited. I dont believe that because at this time there are ilegal students in college just hopping that the dream act culd be pass at any moment. Those students that are in college because they earned their spot the same way a legal citizen did.

  3. I HAVE WAtched as the world turns since i was a little girl i am 59 years old and just when the program was taking a good turn you cancelled it. was very shocked the day bob hughes left his office and instead of saying good bye, he said gpod night. i thought something was wrong then, i waited until monday waiting fpr it to come on, and price is right was in its spot. i don’t understand why but we as viewers look forward to the everyday drama on the soaps thats what keep us sane.

  4. It might help if we could all learn how to spell, and be willing to work as hard at presenting ourselves as we are at finger pointing. How does everyone still have internet access with no place to live or any income? Just curious. I am out of work possibly soon, but if that happens I won’t have the money to post complaints, either.

  5. People who are saying to take the grunt jobs, or to “accept you’re fate”, et al are IGNORANT OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE REAL WORLD! They don’t see bread lines like in the first great depression because now we have food stamps and other services that were not there in the 1930s. Now we have a hundred channels to watch and brainwash us into the dumbed down parots we have become in this country. Now we have people denying the reality…wait till it happens to them. Then it’ll be the other guys falt.

  6. So only one news agency hired a company to figure the size. The others just looked at pics and guessed.. Ill take the professionals opinion not some right winged BS news agency.

  7. No more Mr. Nice Guy….they are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for US, So it is BEYOND TIME to vote ALL ALL ALL of the Republicans OUT OUT OUT….NOW NOW NOW…the chances are that nothing at all will ever happen, but atleast there is a bit of a chance with the Republicans OUT that there ever might be a Tier 5 extension….Shame on all of you FUCKING senators, especially all of these disgusting pieces of SHIT republicans who can just go ahead and totally RUIN the LIVES of over 4 MILLION people who are out of work through no fault of their own but CONTINUE to give money to these overseas bandits who sit back, count their money from the USA and laugh all the way to the bank, as we keep suffering…no more Mr. Nice Guy…FUCK ALL OF YOU DAMN REPUBLICANS….shame on you and a curse on you and your families for the rest of your disgusting lives…Shame on all of you Bastards and I am stilll toning it down…How you can do this to all of these fellow hard working Americans is just mind boggling and beyond belief…I wish you nothing but the same MISERY that you wish all of us you disgusting pathetic excuses for Crooked Money Grabbing Extortionist Politicians…ALL of you FUCKING REPUBLICANS< Each and every ONE OF YOU AND YOUR ROTTEN FAMILIES….Again, MAY ALL of you suffer and fall into the same SHIT that YOU have subjected each and every one of us to. You deserve nothing and I only hope you all lose your jobs, your graft and corruption and lose your homes and cars and can't eat and wind up a disgrace to yourselves and your families as you have subjected all of us to and NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ever gives you a break ever again in life just like you're doing to us all of you disgusting pieces of GARBAGE…all of you and your families…you deserve absolutely nothing EVER EVER EVER…you should always and forever know our misery you disgusting rotten lousy garbage you…..From a poor broke 99er who has been out of work for 2 and a half years and his wife who has been out of work for over a year…I hope you eat bad fancy food and get bad food poisoning and die because short of that, nobody is doing anything to make our lives better…oh yes, and I just got our new Medical insurance rates and they have QUADRUPLED from the rates last year that I couldn't afford..UP ALL OF YOURS………

  8. im a 99er fuck them all debbie stebenow and the dems are to blame for no tier 5 she waited to bring the bill up for a vote the last day they would be there and she knew they would block it the dems are playing cheap games with people in america because they think we are all stupid open your eyes people if the dems wanteded a tier 5 bill passed they would have done it they dont even need any republicans to vote on any bills as of rite now the dems hold the house and the senate thats how they passed health care reform not one republican voted the health care bill its dems to blame and the republicans for not backing it at least but as of now its all dems fault in my eyes

  9. im a 99er fuck them all debbie stebenow and the dems are to blame for no tier 5 she waited to bring the bill up for a vote the last day they would be there and she knew they would block it the dems are playing cheap games with people in america because they think we are all stupid open your eyes people if the dems wanteded a tier 5 bill passed they would have done it they dont even need any republicans to vote on any bills as of rite now the dems hold the house and the senate thats how they passed health care reform not one republican voted the health care bill its dems to blame and the republicans for not backing it at least but as of now its all dems fault in my eyes vote them all out

  10. you said
    “Although Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, proposed the “Americans Want To Work Act” or the S3706, the Republicans keep on blocking it. How many times did we hear Republicans saying that they are stalling the bill because it will just contribute to the burden of the US budget deficit yet we see a lot of funds go to military services in Iraq and other unnecessary expenses? What can you do as a 99er?”

    which is total BS, the reason their is no teir 5 is because harry reid)a democrat) is filibustering 3706, the republicans have not had a chance to block a tier 5 because harry reid will not allow a vote.


    harry reid can still pass 3706 before the election, he just does not want to, he will not vote for us we will not vote for him

  11. Congress has a lot of bigger priorities to use our money on. Like sending billions to other countries. That money should be used here to help Americans in need. Or they rather build more aircraft carriers or other weapons we don’t need. Or waste money on their pork projects. Try and take their pork away and see Congress fight hard. Yet where are they when it comes to seeing victims of Wallstreet greed who are running out of unemployment? Who have done everything to find jobs but numbers show just not enough of them to prevent big grow in 99ers. Congress has priorities for sure just wrong ones that show us lack of caring about Amercia. Not one dime should be sent to any other country over using it to help America first. When does this country start to matter to Congress before others? When does it start to show us America needs come first before that or their pork spending waste. It’s disgusting that most unemployed paid into and and taxes all our lives only to be told we have no money for you. We have money your just not the priority.

  12. I don’t feel like voting at all. I don’t know if these politicians do anything but disagree. But I’ll vote. It denfinitely wouldn’t be Republican!! Why don’t the President say anything about this? I haven’t heard him say a word only “the country is moving in the right direction”. I know it’s not all his fault, he got into a mess but, we’re not moving anywhere. That’s the bad thing. Companies don’t want to hire or too many applicants for one job. Can’t get a break.

  13. Any politician refusing to help Americans who have worked most of their lives in this Country don’t need to be in office.We have paid for welfare, illegal immigrants, schools, hospitals, contribute to their getting elected. And in our hour of need they turned their backs on us.I don’t care how they get the money, just get it and soon. Anyone who is not in favor of 99er’s getting an extension should be voted out of office.That goes for Obama too. If u are not talking daily about the Americans who are suffering should be voted out.We should be the most important issue on their agenda.

  14. That is not true. Harry Reid has voted many times against a TIER 5. The Republicans are tired of Reid, Pelosi and Obama adding to the Unemployment Bill.

    The Democrates is in Control of Both Chambers of Congress ( The House and The Senate)
    also The Executive Branch. They the Dems could pass anything they wanted. Right now there is NOTHING they can’t pass. But they opt ot leave early instead of taking care of the UNEMPLOYED with a TIER 5.

    The Dems Passed the Healthcare Bill and the Stiulus Bill with NO help from the REPUBLICANS. And I might Add behind colsed DOORS. But for some reason they can’t seem to get a Tier 5 Passed. This is Bull.

    They are all playing with Us 99ers/Unemployed just to get our votes. Be careful, do your homework and know for sure that the person you elect is the one who will serve you and what you believe in.

    I didn’t vote for OBAMA because I just knew he couldn’t deliver and that he was lieing.

    I have always been a Democrate but not this time
    Here in Nevada we have the HIGHTEST UNEMPLOYMENT in the Country… were at 14.4 %
    The Highest Foreclosure and Bankruptcy in the COUNTRY, and Harry Reid has done nothing to help US. He keeps adding all kinds of SH!! to the bill that the Republicans say no. Why can’t he pass a Stand Alone TIER 5 ???

    We need to extend the Bush taxes because employers won’t hire because they are afraid of being taxed to death. I would rather 2% of the wealthest people not pay taxes ( which they never do anyways ) and have jobs that we can go to.

    Did you know that come Jan.2011 that what ever your employer pays for you on your health insurance you will have to claim on 2012 taxes, and everyones health insurance payments have gone up, also the sale of your home/land a 3.8% tax will be added that will go to Obama Healthcare and Obama healthcare doesn’t start until 2014. We are being taxed to death to pay for OBAMA HEALTHCARE befor it even begins.

    Think real hard. We the poor and middle class should not have to pay for any of this. It’s the Government’s job to help the POOR not all these other COUNTRY’S.

    We need HELP NOW not two months from now. Winter is comming. We here in Reno, Nv. have 10 thousand Men, Women and CHILDRES living on the streets. There are not enough shelters for all the Homeless.

    Reid is not very popular here in Nevada and I hope Sharon Angle wins.
    Harry Reid needs to go.

    God Bless Us All

  15. It occured to me that these senators have been paid a lot of money to ignore the 99ers. I would like to be a fly on the wall behind closed doors. They tear each other up on stage and im sure they are patting each other on the back behind closed doors. GOOD JOB! WELL DONE! I think we really fooled them into thinking we are all against each other. Wait untill the money starts rolling in with all our campaigning. Man these americans are so gullable! We will tell them what they want to hear and while they are not looking we will take whatever else we can. Our job is almost done with what used to be the middle class. We have almost succesfully whiped them out. By the time we pass any ui payments thier wont be any 99ers left to take care of because they all commited suicide. JOB WELL DONE BOYS! We have succesfully achieved our goals. Now lets turn the tax table around to tax the shit out of the rich because 99ers dont exist anymore. We have come around full circle. We own them now and forever. We waited patiently for this and we succeeded. Who has the cigars? Make it a fatty! No tier 5! Celebrate!

  16. James Toney lost. I don’t feel sorry for him, but to tell you the truth his training was very weak. He needs to do more running and cardio. If you combine that with strength and MMA training Toney might’ve had a good chance. But man this guy only had 4 months of serious training and he’s too heavy to be aggresive.


  17. “I have to wonder.. if the fire arms shot at the Pentagon window today.. was frustrations over the Millions Of Ignored Unemployed Americans. Its going to get worse before it gets better.. since Congress is on Vacation . Robert Gibbs.. made a comment on line last week.. about Unemployment Extensions and no one believes him.. because everyone said its not until November 15th or much later that Congress will get to this agenda. Its not a priority or urgency to Congress Or.. Obama. As it is to the homeless .. evicted.. foreclosed on Americans. Kids are not eating.. and we have to beg for Extensions in America?????????? Washington .. Needs To Wake Up! And Resolve this issue for a tier V, Continuing the Stimulus Checks and Implementation of Extensions. They Needed This Worked On Prior To The Election.. NOT>… Afterwords. Hungry And Homeless People Care More About What Happens To Them Next.. Then Congress On Vacation.

  18. As usual, the writer of this article is a moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Democretins are what’s wrong with the Congress.

    99ers have been without unemployment since April 1st, 2010 of this year. The argument that they made for passing HR4213 and for leaving Tier 5 out was that after HR4213 was passed, that Congress would address a Tier 5. Now, here we are, seven (7) months later and Congressional Democrats are still using that same argument “we’ll address Tier 5 after the current extensions are extended.”

    Just what kind of morons do Democrats think they are? They have controlled Congress since 2006; the demand for a 5th Tier has been deafening and Democrats don’t want us voting for Republicans?

    Since earlier this year, Democrats have ignored the plight of the long term unemployed and have ignored our voices until it’s time for them to be re-elected. Nancy Pelosi has absolutely stated, with sheer defiance, that “NO ADDITIONAL WEEKS” will be considered by Congress. Harry Reid has refused to place any importance in the Senate and Max Baucus still refuses to hold hearings on the bill.

    Democrats have had 5 weeks of vacation time during August and in October, had another five weeks off. Still, nothing has been done.

    Now, they have the balls to demand that voters not cast their vote based on anger. What the hell? Democrats dropped the ball and this is the first time in 40 years of voting that I will be voting against any Democrat running for office.

    Democrats fucked and screwed over the unemployed and it’s obvious that they don’t support extending any more weeks to those unemployed who really need it. Especially since many of those Republican policies that were passed, were passed by a Democratically controlled Congress.


  19. Hello old chaps, Hows the 5th tier socialist entitlement going. Is there any movement with our hero’s in Congress?

  20. I will be voteing the last time I vote we were lucky enough to get clinton into office .atleast when I am layig around depressed because i cant work i can remember the 90’s and my nice house and perfect credit score and how I felt like as long as I did the right thing I would be fine ,i was wrong thats the world my parents lived in ,in this world eveybody is doing the wrong thing and worse they are making money just to make money while others starve money is the root of all evil,and why am i the only comment,it used to be if you beat an american he beat you back harder it seems weave gotten weak

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