Jesse James Mistriss: Why Mistriss instead of Mistress?

What the hell! Why people are searching for the Mistriss of Jesse James. Is this a proper name? Or just a wrongly spelled word? I think it’s just a wrongly spelled word. It should be Mistress not Mistriss, okey?

As far as I know, there’s only one mistress linked to Jesse James, and that’s Michelle Bombshell McGee. That ugly girl was Jesse James’ Mistress. I don’t have more information about her, I only know that she loves tatoos and her body is full of it.

She looks really dirty with those tatooes. I wonder why Jesse James is having an affair with her.

By the way, Jesse James already asked for forgiveness, but we don’t have updates yet regarding Sandra Bullock’s response.

I hope they will solve this problem, because Sandra is really a good wife, me thinks.

2 thoughts on “Jesse James Mistriss: Why Mistriss instead of Mistress?

  1. You have GOT to be kidding me!! Bombshell? Looks more like a bomb that has exploded and all that is left is trash. She looks horrible! Jesse James is a dumb___. My prayers are with you Sandra in whatever you decide to do with, or without Mr. lame brain.

  2. Well, I really hope this Michelle McGee makes all the money now from this, because a few months of tabloid crap, she will be just that… Crap!, and there will be no more money. She will be yesterdays garbage and still be known as the discusting piece of trash that she really is already. Hope she is happy. As for Jesse… WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

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