Jennifer Aniston Dating True Blood Hunk Chris Gartin

I am not much of a Jennifer Aniston fan but I do love her hair, her body and her youthful looks. Hey, who wouldn’t wish that they get to look like Jennifer Aniston at 41? Show of hands people as I hear no one wanting to not look like her at 41.

Yes, she is all of 41. Jennifer Aniston simply looks really amazing! Too bad, she has yet to find the man for her like Angie Jolie did in Brad Pitt. No one can accuse her of not trying, though, she did spend quite a long time trying to make things work with Vince Vaughn, John Meyer and a few other guys who were kept secret.

I guess not one of those who admitted to having a relationship with her is the right one because obviously she is still on the prowl. Her recent hook-up is with True Blood hunk, Chris Gartin who previously decided to keep mum when asked by reporters about the status of his relationship with Jennifer.

Hopefully Chris Gartin is the one for Jennifer because I think Brad Pitt is not coming back to her anymore. Sigh. To me Jen and Brad are still the most beautiful Hollywood power couple.

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Dating True Blood Hunk Chris Gartin

  1. Jenifer Aniston is the most ugly plastic Hollywood women. She look young because of her fat face and botox added

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