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James Toney vs. Randy Couture Fight Video Results at UFC 118

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James Toney vs. Randy Couture Fight Video Results at UFC 118- One of the highlights of the recently held UFC 118 at the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts is the heavyweight bout between Randy Couture vs. James Toney.

Randy Couture once again proved to all his fans that he is the undisputed heavyweight champion in UFC. A lot of UFC fans and viewers were surprised as Couture beat Toney early in the match at 3:19 on Round 1 through an arm-triangle choke.

During the first 30 seconds of the match, Randy Couture aimed for a single-leg takedown as he put Toney on his back and moved immediately to mount. This was clearly seen in the fight video. Toney held onto Couture as he pounded away. Couture then landed several shots from the top position but Toney held on and tried to use the fence to get up. During this time, Couture stayed on top and landed a couple of punches at Toney’s body to soften him. Below is the picture of Randy Couture vs. James Toney fight as Couture takes down Toney:

After a brief readjustment, Couture then locked up the choke, and held on for the moment. He passed to the side and threw away more punches in Toney’s face as he waited for the tapout of referee Mario Yamasaki. The match ended with Randy Couture as the winner.

Upon his defeat, Toney credited his opponent Couture as he vowed to return in the Octagon telling that he is not a quitter saying: “I didn’t expect him to be so aggressive at first. He just caught me. He got me on the ground, and I couldn’t get out of the triangle choke. But I’ll be back. I ain’t no quitter.”

Meanwhile, on his victory, Couture said that his training on his arm-triangle for over a year now worked saying: “This is exactly what we trained to do. No one really shoots a low single in MMA. I knew with James’ boxing stance a low single would probably be there, and it worked. I’ve worked on that arm-triangle for over a year now, so to finally get it, it was awesome.”

If you want to have a recap of what transpired in the match, you can watch the Randy Couture vs. James Toney fight video here. Just be patient because there is an advertisement before you can view the actual video. Congratulations to Randy Couture! That was a quick match against James Toney!

For the rest of the UFC 118 results including the main card between Frank Edgar vs. BJ Penn, you can go here.

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