Jackson Kids Attending “Normal” School

The two elder kids of Michael Jackson have come out into the real world, so to speak. Prince Michael and Paris Jackson, 13 and 12 years old respectively, have ended their home-schooling and started to attend “normal” classes at Buckley School where their late father Michael also went to school.

Attending regular school was said to have been Prince Michael’s idea, luckily their grandmother and legal guardian, Katherine, approved. Buckley School graduates include Paris Hilton (Hmmm… should Buckley really be proud she is even included in the list?), Kim Kardashian, Natalie Cole and Matthew Perry. The tuition fee for the Jackson kids is said to be nearly $30,000.

Family attorney Brian Oxman said both kids have adapted so well that he predicted the bodyguards, who wait outside their classrooms and follow them around the campus, would be gone in a matter of weeks. He also denied reports that the other Buckley students were instructed never to ask Jackson’s children about their family.

I really hope, for their own sake, that these two Jackson kids flourish in the normalcy they are now enjoying. I can imagine how being born into Michael Jackson’s “world” is “confusing” enough, to say the least, so it was a good thing Katherine Jackson agreed to the idea of sending them to regular school. Maybe she has learned her lesson from how “weird” Michael turned out to be after having been deprived of a normal life as a kid.

4 thoughts on “Jackson Kids Attending “Normal” School

  1. Please don’t judge Michael Jackson. He obviously could not have been too “weird” if he raised poised, intelligent and “normal” children. Maybe the world needs more fathers like him.

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