It’s already Labor Day 2010! Where is the Tier 5 Extension?

Today is Labor Day and the whole nation commemorates Labor Day 2010 but where is the Tier 5 extension for 99ers? Most of these Americans have worked for so long and then all of a sudden because of economic recession they lost their job and now their present life and future is in peril.

I know, most will celebrate Labor Day 2010 enjoying the Labor Day Sales at Wallmart, Sears, Macy’s, Targets and more but what about those who do not even have money to feed their family right? As most of us spend money on sales about 1.4 million Americans or even more are in the narrow line of the choice of staying to look for a job or probably do something else.

I am not saying that shopping is bad for it is everyone’s right but what I am saying is to consider helping our fellow Americans, the 99ers from getting the Tier 5 Extension Bill and the American Wants to Work Act passed in Congress and in the US Senate. If the US government can afford to spend billions overseas in War, why would it not spend for its own people?

The moment I was invited to write for the World Correspondents, the first I noticed is the tons of people commenting on articles about Tier 5 Extension Bill. In every comment you can see frustration and the lose of hope for most of them. I am still glad to see some of the comments which talks about never surrendering and fighting for what Americans rightfully deserves, the Tier 5 Extension Bill.

I join the 99ers and many Americans who are unemployed in calling on the government and elected officials to see the light on this issue. I am also calling on companies to help alleviate the unemployment problem that is affecting almost 10% of Americans.

My Labor Day 2010 wish is to see that finally the Tier 5 Extension will be signed as a bill.

30 thoughts on “It’s already Labor Day 2010! Where is the Tier 5 Extension?

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  2. Thank you for the support Jim. I am a member of the 99ers. Yes, I paid into unemployment insurance for 17 years of my life…..every paycheck!!! And it disgusts me that my American brothers call me UN-American, and lazy because I was unfortunate enough to be caught in the Great American Recession (I was a very successful salesmen for WAMU for 12 years and got laid off because the gorilla I worked for was cheating and stealing from people). SHAME ON YOU AMERICANS that beleive we are lazy and don’t want to work!!!!! I want to work, and be able to provide for my family, but since there are NO JOBS whatsoever, please pass a TIER 5 extension, until there is more than 1 job for each 12 people. This is America, not Indonesia

    1. I paid into UI for 35 years and now to be called lazy and looking for a handout is beyond belief!!!
      Those of you who sit in judgement of us beware because no job is secure in this economy and you will be writing a different comment when it’s YOU who are losing everything!

  3. I’m a 99er and just can’t believe what our government is doing. I’m more than disappointed and lost all hope overall. Is the democrate too weak and repub evil or both parties playing game on our lives?

  4. Hello, I am one of the unemployed. I wish I had pursued my dream of writing, so that this time without work could be filled up with freelance work-if such a thing exists, and I’d have a marketable skill to encourage employers to take a closer look. I am one of the 99er’s. I am not happy to report my position. It is not easy to answer the most likely question when you meet someone out there today-“What do you do?” I try hard to talk about what I can do, vs. what I do. It almost works to re-direct their attention to weather, vacations-none here to boast about in over 15 years. I am nervous about getting a yes to my many attempts for work. Many months ago, my feet did not swell everyday, my clothes were in better condition, and the fit better. My shoes were not so difficult to walk in. I almost want to say I am not ready, willing, and able to work at this point, although I have to say I am. No one cares what the long struggles have done to us, of half pay, cutting back, losing possessions, losing the home you worked so hard to buy-that dream achievement. They only care to know what you do, or why you don’t. They don’t know your journey through this recession, only their own. They worry that the taxes on their property will go up, how those lazy welfare people will steal their hard earned cash. They have property and hard earned cash to spend. I do empathize with them too. I don’t want to get a job and not have enough to cover my bills with my pay. And if there are more taxes, and cuts in pay we’ll be all in trouble. I wish I knew the answer. I do know that everyones journey through this recession is as individual as our fingerprints, and pat answers to how we should be managing our way out of the “pits” don’t fly. You can’t spit out some solution that thousands of people have not figured out how to work. It is critical right now to help those who are long term unemployed. If there is no help, there will be more loss in this country to jobs, to economy, and to the very meaning of what it is to be American.

  5. Just checking in to see what’s new on the Tier 5 story… Has anyone heard if this will be brought up at their first meeting in September? We’ve cashed out our IRA, paid bills, bought school clothes, have enough left for property taxes and one more house payment, then it’s gone. That’s it, the last of our resources. I seriously doubt Congress is going to go for any more extensions….Any word that there’s hope left? I know Stabenow was supporting it, but any news that it’s gaining momentum?

  6. NO NEWS YET, but we have to keep voicing our concerns and support for one. I am at my end and nothing. Three months behind on house payment, car needs tires, etc., been putting in applications everywhere no response. Yes, I let them all know every day.

  7. Come this November, every unemployed american should take to the polls and let’s get rid of these morons in the senate, etc. Vote out all these old farts that have forgotten who they work for. They aren’t for helping americans, they’re for helping themselves and that’s just what they’re doing. People WAKE UP!!! Obama is a really weak president and those of you who think he’s doing a good job better think again. He and his money spending wife have gone on 8 vacations this year alone, and has made appearances on late night t.v.! WTF!!!! Why isn’t he spending the time at the white house where he belongs? How do you have a country so in trouble and you have time to do late night t.v., Michelle is just as bad with her vacations. I know you’re probably saying “Well, she’s paying for it herself. Come on. Yeah, she’s paying for HERSELF, we’re paying for all the rest. The secret service that has to follow her ass around, we have to pay for their food, lodging and their transportation and using the White House Jet to transport her ass around while we pay for the crew and all that it entails. Let Her pay for all of that, and let us pay HER way! Obama is a spineless little fraction of a man. He doesn’t know how to lead a country, unless it is further into poverty. I’m afraid he has hurt the prospect of ever re-electing an black president for a long, long time. I had high hopes when he came into office. I didn’t expect him to pull us completely out of this, but I didn’t expect him to turn his back on us either! He could have helped out all the “99ers” BEFORE they went on vacation. He’s done NOTHING! It wasn’t until the dems had their 60th vote on the reinstating of the tier 4 etc. that he finally opened his mouth and told the reps, to step up and do the right thing. He wanted everyone to think that it was what he had said and his support that made the difference in the tier 4 ordeal. Come on, where was his mouth a month before that. He’s to much into himself and not enough into the plight of this country. It’s time we took back America!

    1. Take back America you say? I’m afraid its ruined…from 2 wars that the Republicans started…and still profiting from it. This country does nothing but campaign and say “NO” to helping it’s own citizens.

      I’m ashamed of the United States of America each time I see politicians on TV.

    Republican greed almost destroyed our wonderful America the last 10 years.
    Republicans just want to move MORE American JOBS overseas.
    Please vote Democrat for continued change away from these non-humans.
    Thank you and God Bless the Democrats for supporting the little guy and America.

  9. Here in the State of New Jersey where our un-employment rate was always 9.6% or higher our Fascist Republican Pig governor took more tax cuts for the wealthy, while leaving the average person to go broke and jobless.

    Is that America? No jobs…No unemployment…No relief?


    1. ummm tax cuts for the “wealthy” business owners allows them to hire more people.. so you are wrong. It is called economics, read up on it.

    2. grill cheese, you are a fool. you’re probably one of those wealthy business owners who are getting tax cuts and using if for the wrong purpose. yeah, it is called economics. if it wasn’t for you wealthy and crooked business owners fattening your own pockets, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  10. I am almost at 99 weeks also and I would like to see a tier 5. I have worked for 18 years of my life myself but I want to correct someone who commented earlier… we pay NOTHING into unemployment. Again, not 1 dime is taken out of our checks… the employers pay the tax and it is minimal at that. By being on unemployment so long we have used way more than was ever paid in on our behalf.

    1. The only people who do not contribute to the UI system are federal employees, everyone else pays into the system as well as their employer.

  11. This man (Obama) haven’t said shit about an extension! What in the hell are these speeches for? I don’t want to hear no damn speech! Do something now!

    1. Try to do what!!!??? Ignore our asses!? Try to make “friends” with the Republicans who don’t want to have a damn thing to do with his ass!!?? And I voted for the man! So much for trying!

  12. People say that the 99ers will get their revenge come November when we get to vote these DEVILS out of office but I wonder what an impact it would have if every single 99er didnt vote at all. You know ignore them as they ignored us! As for Obama SHAME SHAME SHAME and to actually think i voted for the bastard and cried tears of joy when he won. I dont know about anyone else but Im not voting SHIT!!!


  13. I hear and hear and hear and hear…make a a move 99ers…i’m with you… but you have to make a move or elect me to do it…or i’ll support someone else thats willing to stop bulshitting …enough talk…lets get dramaitic…make a move !!!

  14. i guess it’s time to go political…something I never wanted.. I would.prefer to support someone else….and stand by him or her….move


  16. Any politician refusing to help Americans who have worked most of their lives in this Country don’t need to be in office.We have paid for welfare, illegal immigrants, schools, hospitals, contribute to their getting elected. And in our hour of need they turned their backs on us.I don’t care how they get the money, just get it and soon. Anyone who is not in favor of 99er’s getting an extension should be voted out of office.That goes for Obama too. If u are not talking daily about the Americans who are suffering should be voted out.We should be the most important issue on their agenda.

  17. Hey Obama!!! I am tired of hearing your punk ass mouth and your crocodile tears about those out of work and suffering through hard times. Do something about it dick head instead of feeding your fat wife $4,000 meals. Fuck you anyway! I don’t need your shit!! I voted for the American!!!!

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