Is Lindsay Lohan Dead?

This is such a nasty rumor. Fortunately, that is all there is to it… a rumor.

It started when an online publication posted that the embattled Lohan had died due to an overdose of crack cocaine. Naturally, this sent the whole Internet community abuzz with searches on the veracity of this report. Even Twitter was besieged with questions trying to figure out if the rumor was indeed true.

Kim Kardashian might have made matters worse by joining in and tweeting, “Omg!! Is @lindsaylohan dead?! I keep hearing these rumors from my friends n stuff!! Is it true?!”

We all know that Kim and Lindsay share a common friend in Paris Hilton, so if Lindsay had indeed died, I think Kim Kardashian will be one of those who will know who to ask for confirmation… and my guess is she will not even have to go through Tweeter.  

Anyway, as of this writing, no one from Lindsay Lohan’s camp, or anyone with more than an ounce of credibility than the one claiming she has died, has confirmed the news.

This is most likely just another Hollywood hoax gone viral over the Internet, just like the past rumors about Tom Cruise or Sarah Jessica Parker having died unceremoniously.

Just another mean joke that got out of hand.

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