Is Dwayne Wade Heading Back to Chicago?

It looks like Dwayne Wade is going back home. These are mere speculations for some good reasons. Wade has been communicating with other stars in this year’s free agent class, Lebron James and Chris Bosh but there is no clear indication that all three will play together in one team. Most likely Lebron is staying in his hometown in Cleveland so this leaves just Wade and Bosh playing alongside each other.

Why Chicago? Wade has struggled bringing the Miami Heat deeper into the playoffs with a shallow bench. The Chicago Bulls may have a deeper roster of talent and youth. Add Wade to this talented team and you have a better team than what he has in Miami. Unless the Heat shakes up their roster to become a contender, the Bulls may have the upper hand in the race for D-Wade.

Dwayne Wade, born in Chicago, Illinois may soon be wearing a Bulls jersey. More than the money involved, it could also be a fitting homecoming for him and his family.

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