Is Brett Favre Retiring Again?

Brett Favre may or may not return for his 20th season in the NFL. This may put an end to an amazing time with the Minnesota Vikings. Several reports have come out that Favre informed his team that he is not returning this season, his second.

Favre has announced his retirement twice since 2006 but has returned. Coach Brad Childress did not have an inkling of Favre’s retirement but he says that they are ready in case Favre does not return to the Vikings lineup. Granted that he plays next season, he is set to earn $13 million.

Rumors are circulating that Favre’s injured ankle has not been responding to medical treatment. At 40 years, healing and recovery may take a longer time and may be hampered by continuous wear and tear.

In case he retires, Favre leaves the league with three MVP awards, several passing records ahead of Dan Marino and a Super Bowl with the Packers.

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