Is Bill Cosby Dead?

Rumors have been buzzing around about Bill Cosby’s death. The truth is that these are just what they are… plain rumors. Advances in information technology have brought about many good things to the world but it can also be harmful in cases like these. Tweets about Cosby’s death have circulated Monday afternoon and Cosby himself has proven through Twitter that he is alive and well.

This is the second time the iconic comedian was a victim of a death hoax. The same rumors spread around the web back in March only to turn out as mere rumor. The 73-year old comedian has been a favorite subject of this cruel joke for no apparent reason.

Just last week, Cosby was filming in Philadelphia at Temple University. The sudden rise in popularity of this topic has everyone looking into the veracity of the rumor. Bill Cosby is alive and well. The Twittersphere is a channel for freedom of expression but we should also be responsible in our actions so that we do not hurt other people.

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