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Is Beyonce Pregnant Confirmed? | The Truth Behind Beyonce’s Pregnancy

March 26, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Millions of Beyonce’s fans are intrigued about her rumored pregnancy. According to some sources, Beyonce said in her concert tour last year that she might get pregnant after the tour to her long time boyrfriend Jay-Z.

Right until now, no one has confirmed that Beyonce Knowles is really indeed pregnant. However, there are some ‘beyonce pregnant pictures’ circulating in the internet that looked like Beyonce is indeed pregnant because her tummy looked like few weeks pregnant. What do you think of the picture on the left? Is Beyonce confirmed as pregnant based on that picture alone?

I think whatever the answer is, Beyonce should tell the public. There is nothing wrong about becoming pregnant. It is in fact a blessing from God. My guess is that probably Beyonce doesn’t want to take a rest with her career that’s why she has not yet confirmed about her rumored pregnancy. What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Is Beyonce Pregnant Confirmed? | The Truth Behind Beyonce’s Pregnancy”
  1. KD says:

    That picture that is to the left of the article is VERY, VERY, VERY OLD!! I saw that same picture in a VIBE magazine a few years back!

  2. briaisha says:

    what is it a girl or boy.

  3. DV says:

    If she is prego she is prob keeping it on the down low just to milk it for more money as if she dont have enough already…hush hush= more publicity= more $$$ specially for baby pics

  4. KimmiBabii says:

    That pic is soooo old probably taken in 2006… I don’t know but def is a few years ago.. Think it was at the grammy’s

  5. Apparently she really is pregnant. Twas long overdue.

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