Iron Man 2 Spoiler: Secret Ending Revealed

Iron Man fans out there has been so skeptical about any leaked ending of the Iron Man 2 movie since it has been out once as Easter Egg Scene yet it was proven to be not true. However, Marvel head Kevin Feige and Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux confirmed during a press interview that fans should stick around for a surprise after the credits. This has heightened the eagerness of the fans to know the ending.

If you wish to stay eager, then maybe the best you should do is not to read further and wait till you see the movie by yourself and discover it by yourself. However, if you really can’t resist it and it has been giving you a heavy feeling then here’s a short description of the scene:

The scene is basically showing a black car zooming through a desert then a close up to the car’s New Mexico plate number 8RE 2Z1. We can somehow conclude that the place is Ne Mexico. Teh the man inside the car has been shown afterwhich a huge crater in the earth has change the scene. A man exists the vehicle, and it cuts to a wide show of a huge crater in the earth. The man is… not Tony Stark — but Agent Coulson.
He looks down at the inside of the big hole, which has been revealed to contain cars and workers working on something. Coulson then picks up his cellphone and tells the person on the other end “Sir, we’ve found it.”
Cut to a shot from inside the giant crater, and we push back to reveal the hammer of Thor sticking out of the ground.

There you go.

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