Iron Man 2 Reviews and Showtimes: Scarlett Johansson is so hot in this sequel

The Iron Man sequel is a great movie, but critics from various websites can’t stop to do their job, to criticize. Even if a lot loves Iron Man 2, there were some who hates it. Anyway, I love Iron Man 2. I just hate why they changed Rhodey’s face. This is what I really really really hate. Don Cheadle Replacing Terrence Howard as Rhodey in Iron Man 2 really sucks. But there’s nothing we can do about it. Terrence Howard is not happy to be Col. James Rhodes anymore and has decided to quit his role.

It was a sad news, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Iron Man 2 was already produced, filmed and shown around the world.

Ok, so let’s head to my short review. I’ll rate this film as 9/10, even if the majority rated it as 7/10.

First let’s head on to the special effects. The visual effects was awesome! Everybody loves the visual effects and how perfect and precise Iron Man suit transformed. Rendering of these 3D images is not that easy, and the digital artists made a very good job to satisfy our visual cravings.

Second is the story. I’m not a comic reader or a long-time Iron Man fan since birth, so I can’t criticize the story and the flow of the film. As long as I can watch Iron Man and understand the synopsis and what they’re talking about, I’m happy with it. This sequel connects all dots to form the Avengers. I’m so excited to watch the Avengers movie next year. I think it will be released by late 2011 and I know everybody can’t wait for this movie.

Another thing that you’ll love in Iron Man 2 is Scarlett Johansson. She really did great as the Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow. Everybody’s ogling on her cleavage! Look look!

Due to the fact that I’m so in love with Scarlett Johansson, here’s a solo Iron Man 2 movie poster of her that’s up for grabs! (Click to view the full size of this movie poster 940 × 1393)

Anyway, that’s all I can say about Iron Man 2. You can read more reviews from Rotten Tomatoes if you want. Or read the review from Gizmodo.

Here are some comments from RT Critics that I would love to quote. One is negative and the other one is the opposite:

Negative: We soon realize that fight scenes involving faceless actors in big titanium battle suits sound like nothing so much as a multi-kettle kitchen accident – Kurt Loder

Positive: Iron Man 2 does what it can within the confines of what it has to do. The Hollywood machine has trained us to have certain expectations for blockbuster sequels and this film neither deviates nor blazes new territory. – Adam Fendelman

Have you seen Iron Man 2? If so, what can you say about the film? Do you love it? Or hate it? Please feel free to share your thoughts about this awesome Iron Man sequel!

9 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 Reviews and Showtimes: Scarlett Johansson is so hot in this sequel

  1. Great movie loved it I think between iron man and iron man 2 iron man 2 beats iron man out of the wter, more laughs, more action, and the rhodey vs drunk iron man scene just classic

  2. some of the best moments of the first and second outings of Iron man are the verbal sparring (especially between Tony and Pepper). It felt like a good continuation of the story, and considering all the extra characters (and big names) involved this time the main focus was still Tony – this is no Spider-man 3! It feels like part of an ongoing Iron man story, aswell as the larger Marvel saga.

    More reviews:

  3. yeah, i agree with what ‘Iron Man’ says – this movie felt like a part of a bigger Marvel picture. i’m excited! 😀

  4. loved it.. its a must watch film… love ya robert downey JR… u rule being tony stark…:)

    scarlett johnson looks ravishing specially in last fight scene..:)
    gwayneth looked great too…
    overall its a complete bizarre film.. and awesome sense of humopur by downey JR…

    go iron man…thumbsup:)

  5. I love the movie! AWESOME! Looking forward for Iron Man 3, which Tony Stark will marry Pepper Potts. I like seeing them together..-)

  6. LOVED it–up there in the top 5 or so comic movies(which is saying a lot, with the Spidey 1 and 2, Batman Begins and Dark Knight, and X 1 and 2 all so awesome)—MUCH better than expected—GREAT—terrific fun–Black Widow melted wall paper off the wall of the theatre in her fight scene–wow–better than the first one (which was the best Marvel movie in years) — GREAT!!!!!

  7. whiplash had quite a few entries but every time i felt,it was cut short abruptly specially the last scene.

    coming to scarlett,omg..she was looking superhot,action s`equences were well choreographed,

    yet one turn down was roadie,he was deadpan–no facial expressions..

    tony–no words for him..simply rocking,platrow was also good.

    hammer -good acting

  8. I loved the fight seen at the party when Iron Man got drunk.However,my favorite part of the movie was Scarlett Johanssen;s last fight.She was sooooooooooo hot.

  9. This was the summer of VFX and using 3D as a test on audiences. This was one of the first and arguably the biggest hits of the summer; the other one was Inception (another film heavy on the visual effects component). Avatar kicked the door open and films began to jump on the bandwagon but this summer has proven to us that move goers still want a good script and strong acting. Not that there was anything wrong with this summer’s big movies but they did not blow me away and I think the box office numbers tend to agree. This was more of a summer for animated movies. Which also uses a high VFX component but in a different capacity. Movies need to get back their adult audiences. Most of the moviegoers are kids and that is a great market but we need some really riveting movies that are complex and interesting.

    I think that having 3D high end VFX is great!! I work for a VFX company and I am all for it but I do think today’s films need to have more character development. Once the big studios figure out how to combine these two things, we are going to see some big numbers from the box office. As I said at the beginning, I think this summer was sort of a test run and we are going to see some major improvements during the Summer’s of 2011 and 2012. Here’s to the future of VFX!

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