Iran to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Despite the international protest against the barbaric execution of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iranian authorities was obstinate with their decision. According to an activist advocating for Ms. Ashtiani’s release, the officials in Tehran, Iran has given the green light to execute Ashtiani.

Ashtiani, who was convicted of adultery and murder was sentenced by the Iranian court to death by stoning. According to Mina Ahadi, spokeswoman for the International Committee Against Stoning, Iran has not revealed details of the execution method. It is still unclear whether Ashtiani will or will not be stoned to death.  Ms. Ahadi also disclosed that she received an information from sources saying that the execution may happen on Wednesday.

The go-ahead signal for Ashtiani’s execution was announced three days ago when a letter from Tehran was brought to the prison in Tabriz where she was being held.

Ashtiani was first charged with adultery and was sentenced to death by stoning, as per the Shariah law. She was then convicted of murder later on by the Iranian government. According to officials, Ashtiani is also responsible for the the death of her husband.

Ashtiani vehemently denied being involved in the death of her husband. She told the Guardian newspaper that the Iranian government lied about the murder plot.   “They are embarrassed by the international attention on my case, and they are desperately trying to distract attention and confuse the media so that they can kill me in secret,” she said.

Ashtiani, 43 and a mother of two, drew a series of international outcry when the court sentenced her to death by stoning. Even France’s first lady Carla Bruni came to her support despite incurring the ire of  Iranian officials.

As intially reported, Ms. Ashtiani, through an intermediary, told the media that she was indeed convicted of adultery but acquitted of murder. “The man who actually killed my husband was identified and imprisoned, but he is not sentenced to death,” she said back in August.

Meanwhile, Ashtiani’s son and her attorney were also imprisoned. They were arrested last month, Ahadi said. According to Sajjad Ghaderzaheh, Ashtiani’s son, Authorities had took away all documents and files connected to the death of his father earlier. They stole any links to the murder in order to make Ahstiani appears as a murderer. “The murder charges are fabricated by the Iranian regime,” Ahadi’s committee said.

Ahadi also said that the government will not assign an attorney for Ghaderzadeh and Hootan Kian, Ashtiani’s lawyer, because they felt both of them do not need one.

Mohammad Mostafaei, Ashtiani’s other former lawyer, on the other hand,  is under the custody of European diplomats after he flew to Turkey from Iran. Mostafaei said that  authorities also attempted to arrest him without cause.

Meanwhile, Ahadi continues on with her crusade to stop the execution and demand the release of Ms. Ashtiani. “The International Committees against Stoning and Execution call on international bodies and the people of the world to come out in full force against the state-sponsored murder of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani,” as well as the release of the others, Ahadi said in a statement.

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