iPhone 4 Updates: iPhone 4 Recall Discussions with Steve Jobs

Just about a week ago, the super phone iPhone 4 by apple was released for the public to experience.  There is an unexpected turnout with this release though as consumers who lined up a crazy long line just to get a hold of iPhone were heavily disappointed with the signal problems the iPhone 4 faces.

Consumers report that when the phone is held for calls, the call drops as it loses signal.  Many consumers who experienced this dropped emails personally to Steve Jobs and to Apple support centers.

Steve Jobs posted on his twitter “We may have to recall the new iPhone. This I did not expect.”  Users are now trying to get updates regarding this matter on whether Apple decides to recall the phone or not.  One thing cellphone manufacturers could learn from this mistake is to make sure the basics are fully functional while improving phone’s features and aesthetics.

Are you an owner of iPhone 4?  Did you also experience any signal problems?  Share with us your thoughts on the comments below.  Meanwhile, we will further update the latest on this matter once official news has been released.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Updates: iPhone 4 Recall Discussions with Steve Jobs

  1. Ina lilahi wa ina ilaehi rajiun. China must move in a million miles closer to god 4 dis 2nd tribulations im this yr, needs spiritual intervention and desist 4rm anti social behaviour.

  2. No he didn’t. Why not? Steve Jobs does not have a twitter account. http://twitter.com/ceostevejobs is a self-described parody account, as is clear from his bio.

    The web is awash with this story, fuelled by wannabe journalists who don’t even bother to check their sources. Though to be fair, the first wannabe journalist that started this whole fake recall rumour does work for a national UK newspaper. His article, however, was deleted within the hour.

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