iPad Review: Things Worth Knowing About your iPad

Finally, the day has come, after months of waiting, iPad has already reached the hands of the Americans. Some are even camping outside an Apple Store just to be the first on the line. They were very eager to hold the new iPad. Some are buying the iPad because they were amazed by its features and some are just Apple fanatics who just want to have every gadget that the Apple company is releasing.

If you are holding your iPad right now, you must have been very busy browsing it and must have known these things, but to those who are just planning to purchase one and has been waiting for reviews, here are some things worth knowing about iPad.

1. It is a Slate or Tablet – unlike any other laptop, iPad doesn’t have a hardware keyboard. It is an all screen gadget wherein all commands are done by using your fingers on it touch screen feature.

2. It is colored – unlike any e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle, which is by contrast is only black and white, iPad is having a colored display. But there is a disadvantage, having a colored display means the iPad is lit on its background in which painful to the eyes after long hours of reading (if your purpose is to read books). However, with iPad, there would a broader range of e-book stores because iBookstore, the company’s newest digital bookstore supports an open e-book format called ePub.

3. Price – before buying any useful gadget, it is always a factor to know first the price. iPad’s cost would range from $499-$895 depending on the storage capacity. The higher the price, the bigger is the storage capacity.

4. Internet Accesibility – iPad is Wi Fi ready and can also be AT&T’s mobile 3G network connected. There are iPads which are Wifi-only and there also which are Wifi and 3G. The unlimited data plan with AT&T costs $29.99 per month and users can pay by the month and cancel at any time without penalty.

5. Typing in iPad – since the gadget doesn’t have a keyboard hardware, typing can still be possible. iPad users type by touching pictures of keys on the screen which is of the same size of the one on your desk.

6. Documentations – there is a application called iWork which costs $9.99 wherein you can create documents, edit spreadsheets and create business presentations.

7. Size – it is half inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds. Its screen is 9.7 inches across, when measured diagonally.

8. Newspapers on iPads – the newspaper industry has said that this device would be their hope. A number of them have reformatted their publications for the iPad’s screen and are offering new digital subscription plans.
The Wall Street Journal, for example, will charge $17.99 per month for an iPad subscription to its newspaper.

9. What it doesn’t have – it doesn’t support Flash.

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