iPad Review: Things that iPad Doesn’t Have

Before everyone would be gone mad with this latest gadget in their hand, we need to see the both sides of the coin now. iPad, Apple’s latest gadget has been making a greatest noise now. Buyers are even camping outside an Apple store just to be the first to get it. Considering the gadget’s price, it is also important to know what this gadget is bringing. After all the reviews coming out, it is already certain and everyone knows its features.

For all those who were not able to get their iPad yet and to those who were still waiting for more reviews to come out, it’s about time for you to know the other side of the iPad, which are the things that it doesn’t provide. Here is a list

1. Camera – too bad but it’s true, iPad doesn’t have camera, video camera or webcam. It closes off the possibility of using the iPad as a videophone.

2. USB Port – no USB ports instead there are dock connectors. This mean an additional charge. It has been announced that there is a camera connection kit and a $30 pair of adapters which will let you either plug the camera in direct or plug in an SD card to pull off the photos.

3. Flash Player – iPad doesn’t support Flash player.

4. OLED – The Organic Light Emitting Diode is absent in iPad. Aside from being expensive, this technology is somewhat disadvantageous though because it won’t reading in daylight.

5. GPS – for Wi Fi only iPad yes it is absent but for Wifi and 3G it comes along with AGPS or assisted GPS.

6. Multitasking – unlike other gadgets, iPad doesn’t support multitasking wherein in only favors target users. Wired users can’t benefit from it. It doesn’t run applications on its background.

7. Keybooard – it doesn’t have the hardware keyboard, instead you will get the optional touch keyboard on the screen for an additional of $70 aside from the gadget’s basic price.

8. HDMI – you can’t hook it to your HD monitor, there’s no way not unless you have a computer then hook it up to your HD monitor instead but not your iPad.

If you have your iPad in your hands right, feel free to comment reviews about it. It would be of great help to those who doesn’t have one yet.

12 thoughts on “iPad Review: Things that iPad Doesn’t Have

  1. Love the ipad. The experience is so much richer than an itouch, iphone, or laptop. My itouch will take a permanent place in one of the various docking stations around the house. I cannot put the iPad down.

  2. I’m actually reading this from my iPad and it’s great. It does everything I hoped it would be able to do. With pages and the other two document creation apps the iPad really works great for a piece of hardware that is pretty portable but still allow manipulation off data and the web based experience.

  3. it also doesn’t have a cheese grater, nor a screwdriver…

    both deal breakers in my mind.

    it is easy to focus on what it doesn’t have while disregarding the relevance of said missing attributes in the intended form factor/usage

  4. O.k got hold of an IPad today being a student pilot I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE GOOD FOR MAPS approach plates etc. for that purposes it is great far better than a kindle and fits in a AOPA flight bag, but other than that-
    like my 13 year old son says “Dad it is a Big IPhone ” yes a very good large reader but not worth the $ 500 , so I will return mine in the mandatory 14 days and take a hit of 10% restocking fee.
    I am waiting for the new macbook pro.

  5. It’s dumb to purchase the iPad now. It lacks are really significant for the price — no multitasking, no USB, limited text capability, awkward for anyone who wants to send more than a quick email, and a hefty price tag for a very limited package. Tablets have a great future, but buying one of these now is kind of a sucker’s game. Wait for the next generation or two.

  6. Yes, the iPad does not have the above listed items but think about what it has and can do. Think of it as an alternative to the eReaders out there with many other capabilities… 😉

  7. I pre-ordered the 3G i-Pad. I also looked at the one’s the MAC store had on display. Its certainly a cool computer, just wish they had more on it, like USB ports, a camera, etc. Can not to try it out when in comes.

  8. I have the iPad in my hand right now yes the things you say it does not have are draw backs. But you really think apple is not going to address these issues. And as for accessories what you want everything for free your trying to make a big stink about a 30 or 70 dollar adaptor or add on. You kidding. I think you sound foolish. Apple is making a big leap here with this technology and I truly feel this is where the tech world is heading. Being hard wired and relaying in flash players and all other types of out dated things is going to be a thing of the past. It’s a mobile world and we must brake from the norm. Great job apple i love my Ipad and the next one will be even better.

  9. Imagine purchasing ANY other “computer” that did not include: usb ports, keyboard, mouse, alternative output option (video). The mfg would be laughed out of existence. Oh wait, a propriatary keyboard is available for only 10% – 15% more than original purchase price? And I can hook up my USB camera if only I pay for another propriatary adapter that adds 5% to the purchase price? Oh and I can hook up another video device if I only spend another 5% for another propriatary adapter? Gee it’s too bad there isnt a universal adapter out there. Oh wait there is, it is called USB. I guess according to Fazool, it will only take apple a while to address these issues and try to fgiure out how to integrate this “NEW” USB Standard. NO! What it is, is apple thumbing their nose at the world and saying, you people are stupid, we are going to release an overpriced, limited function device, sell it stripped, and offer expensive propriatary options, and the left coast will camp out days in advance for the chance to over pay for whatever we slap our logo on.

  10. I’ll be the first to admit that I have not held an ipad in my hand or used the device but I have read plenty about it. Apple is obviously taking the approach they did with the iphone 1st generation. Dumb it down and leave it absent a few features, make a killing and then release a better one. I just bought an Asus EEE PC 1001P netbook which does everything the ipad does and more. It won’t load ipad apps but I can live without that. It cost me $290 and works with a bluetooth mouse =) The ipad has a nice feature set, but Apple’s approach to leaving stuff out and milking the hardware is growing tiresome. For god’s sakes Apple had the opportunity to put an awesome battery in the thing and improve power consumption to allow multitasking but they did not. One thing not mentioned in this article is the glaring absence of higher storage options. Even the iphone was plagued by inadequate storage from the get go, especially given its multimedia capabilities. I’ll wait and pay the Apple tax when something comes along again that is actually worth while.

  11. Most of his complaints are outside of the target the iPad was shooting for. I don’t see any reason to need a hardware keyboard for it (which would make it a laptop), a USB socket (unnecessary with the dock socket), a camera (though it would be nice to have a front-facing camera for video meetings), and a GPS (if you can afford an iPad, you can afford a smartphone with GPS), and HDMI-out (its processor and screen wasn’t made for HD). I’m surprised the reviewer didn’t complain it didn’t have a phone!

    This is a specific device targeted for a specific type of use, and so far everything I’ve read makes me want to get one for those uses. It’s right in between a laptop and a smartphone, and there’s a demographic for that. I’m going to pick one up as soon as I can afford it!

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