iPad Review: Apple iPad vs. Apple iPad 3G

iPad News: Late January of this year, we saw Apple’s tablet PC called iPad unveiled by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs. We already knew some of its features and we got a lot of feedbacks as it was reviewed by a lot of users who got interested and bought it.

Back then, a lot said that this iPad was more of a big iPod Touch or iPhone because it resembled most features of these gadgets from the same company.

So what are some of the reviews of this Apple iPad 3G? What are its differences to the normal Apple iPad? Apparently, it is good to note that all iPad models come with built in 802.11 Wi-Fi. However, if you want to extend your network coverage further, you need to choose iPad 3G and sign up for access to 3G data service.

Apple iPad 3G has the following extra network features that are not available to the average iPad: UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) and GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

With the added network features above, iPad 3G offers superfast data speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps over 3G cellular networks around the world. It’s the perfect tablet PC you need when you’re out and with no access to a Wi-Fi network, because you can still get a fast connection for surfing the web, sending and receiving email, or getting directions as long as you have a strong 3G network signal.

In addition, iPad 3G has no contract on 3G service. This means you have to avail the 3G service of a cellular network in order to use its 3G. If you are residing in the United States, you can avail a 3G service through a deal with AT & T. A monthly 250MB bandwidth limit will cost you $14.99 while an unlimited bandwidth will cost you $29.99.

5 thoughts on “iPad Review: Apple iPad vs. Apple iPad 3G

  1. OK, so I’m starting to lust after an iPad. The 3G would be the deal-cincher except for one thing: It locks me into ATT, and that presents a problem. You see, I live in a part of Flyover Country that has no ATT 3G service. Not within 90 miles. Furthermore, from what I hear, even in those areas that have ATT 3G, the service is lousy. This area does, however, have Verizon 3G. So, unless something drastic changes , either via opening the iPad to Verizon or via providing better ATT service, there is no 3G iPad in my immediate future, and since I already have an iTouch and a macbook pro, the wifi iPad just doesn’t fill that big a perceived hole in my life, so I guess I’ll be waiting for a while before I spring for that $500 toy.

  2. Jack – you bring up some very interesting points in your above listed comments. I, too, am lusting for the iPad…and i’m not even a die-hard apple consumer. The idea, the technology, the marketing…it’s all brilliant. Let’s face it, Apple runs this country. What they say, goes. I am a devoted and assimilated iPhone junkie. The damn thing practically runs me. I have imagined, for some time now, a larger version of the already superior iPhone. And now it’s here. Step up to the plate, Jack. Don’t be the guy reading all the reviews. Be the guy writing them. Go out and splurge. I did. You won’t regret having another ship dock with your apple fleet…promise.

  3. I also had a question how I get my SIM card from ATnT. I called both Apple and then ATT and ATT said that the SIM card comes with the iPad and it can be activated from the unit. Also, they said if I get the 250 MB plan, the unit will warn me if I am about to go over that amount and I will have a choice to move up to the unlimited or stay with the plan I have.

  4. iPad is not locked to one carrier, it is “unlocked.” So it can be on any carrier that supports the micro-SIM that it’ll use.

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