iPad Lines: Apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue is slowly growing

Apple iPad fans from all over the United States right now are slowly gathering to one place: Apple store on 5th Avenue.

A few hours before the official launch, a lot of people never slept outside the store. They are all patiently waiting for the store to open and officially launch the most awaited iPad.

We had a chance to interview some of the Apple fanatics during this great iPad pre-launch craze.

Twenty-seven year old Tyrone Solee came straight to the Apple store from work at a financial company.

“I just wanted to come by and witness this rare event,” Solee told the World Correspondents. “It’s something that I can really be proud of, to be part of another history in the world of technology.”

Another 27-year-old Apple enthusiast named Dean Vassallo from the Hamptons said “I am a big Apple fan, and now the iPad will be officially launch, I’m so excited to be the first few to own this great innovation. I did the same thing for the original first generation iPhone.”

Vassallo secured his place at number ten in line by arriving around noon Friday. Wow, that really proves that Apple is worth the wait. It’s like falling in line for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but this is worst compared to being a sugar maniac.

More updates about iPad Lines on 5th Avenue will be posted here at WC.

For the meanwhile, we’ll take a short break and we’ll give you fresh new updates about the Apple iPad launch in the US.

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