iPad Ban in Israel Now Lifted

Apple’s latest gadget which is iPad has been so popular lately all over the world. It’s like you won’t become a ‘techy’ person if you don’t have it. The tablet computer has been the most sought after gadget nowadays wherein it features its touch screen and has been branded to have mediated the link between a laptop and a smartphone.

The device was released April of this year and amazingly got numerous sales. However, mid part of this month, there was a news came out that the device was banned in Israel. The reason for this one is that the device’s Wifi standards didn’t match Israel’s standards. When you go to Israel and you are bringing your new iPad, especially if you are landing in Ben Gurion Airport, customs officials will take it from you and you need to pay a daily storage fee at which point you can then collect it on your way out of the country. The news spread worldwide and has received a lot of criticisms.

Fortunately, the country’s communications ministry has now reversed its iPad ban. They were able to come up with this decision after their so called “intensive technical scrutiny”. The mentioned scrutiny was done face-to-face with Apple’s team, International laboratory, European counterparts and the country’s communication ministry. Israel has been using the same Wifi standards with Europe and it was confirmed that the device which could be operated in various standards will be operated in Israel in accordance to the local standards.

Yechiel Shavi, spokesman for the ministry, said the ban only applied to iPads built for the American standard but would not apply to devices that match the European specifications. That’s why, when you would enter their country right now, no more customs officials that would confiscate your much loved iPad.

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