Indonesia Was Hailed By US President As Example For World

Indonesia Was Hailed By US President As Example For World – The US President Barack Obama has announced Indonesia as an example of how a developing nation can embrace democracy and diversity. He was speaking in Jakarta on a visit. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation.

President Obama was speaking at the University of Indonesia, before an audience of 6,000 people. He emphasized that the US was not at war with Islam despite the fact that some militants were still targeting innocent people across the world.

In his speech, he touched on the four years he spent in the country as a child and emphasized the importance of Indonesia’s example as a growing economy and a majority-Muslim that is largely tolerant of other religions.

Furthermore, he highlighted the role religion had played in Indonesia’s development, praising the country’s spirituality and rich diversity. He mentioned more work needed to be done to address the issues that have caused tensions for many years but appealed for unity to defeat violent extremists.

He added: “Instead, all of us must work together to defeat al-Qaeda and its affiliates, who have no claim to be leaders of any religion. But those who want to build must not cede ground to terrorists who seek to destroy. This is not a task for America alone.”

The president’s short trip has afforded him little leisure time, but before the university speech, the president and the first lady managed a visit to Jakarta’s Istiqlal mosque, the largest in South-East Asia.

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