India vs Australia Results and Replay: World Cup Hockey 2010

The World Cup Hockey match between India and Australia was awesome. Australia made a spectacular performance during the match. They won in this match in Pool B with a final score of 5-2. This match was played in Major Dhyan Chand stadium in New Delhi on Tuesday.

This is the second match of India after defeating team Pakistan.

On the other hand, team Australia did all their best and dominated the entire match forcing the Indians to remain defensive and concede five goals.

Glen Turner played brilliantly for Australia in the India vs Australia World Cup Hockey Match. Because of Glen Turner’s superb performance and skills, they won the match against the host country.

Desmond Abbott, Liam De Young, and Luke Doerner scored one goal each for the winners. Vikram Pillay and Rajpal Singh from India scored making the defeat a little palatable for the hosts.

More news about the 2010 World Cup Men’s Hockey will be posted here at the World Correspondents. Live Stream, Replay Videos and Scores will also be available as the game goes by.

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