India To Make Computers For $35

Over the last two decades, India made significant strides in the area of information technology. In 2001, their literacy rate was estimated at 65% with population more than a billion people. With these numbers, providing connectivity to students is an important factor to accomplish their goal.

In line with their education objectives, India revealed a prototype computer that initially will cost only $35. These are intended for students and teachers to stay connected at low prices.

India’s human resources development minister, Kapil Sibal, showed a computer that should be priced low enough to be affordable at approximately $35. The plan is to eventually further reduce pricing to $10.

Research and design are ongoing to deal with cost reduction and quality concerns. This is a high-volume production requirement that will be tendered out to qualified private companies.

 The target date for production release of these low-cost computers to colleges and universities is in 2011.

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