Identification of Iowa Plane Crash Pilot Revealed

Photo: Just an illustration of a plane crash, not the real plane

Approximately 3:00 om of November 10, 2010 (Wednesday), a single-engine plane, crashed about in southern Dickinson County, Iowa. According to a nearby resident, the plane passed by then its engine shut down and a loud crashing sound was heard afterwards.

The pilot of the mentioned airplane was identified to be Geary D. Gearn, 67, of Hereford, Texas. He is at the same the owner of the plane. His family has confirmed that he flew the plane. When rescuers arrived in the crash site to check the situation, no other description that they could give aside from “bad”. The whole situation was bad, the wreck of the plane and etc.

“It was just bad. I’ve never seen an airplane in my entire life torn up like that was. I couldn’t even make out the model or anything. It was so torn up with parts lying everywhere. All it is, is a little mound of dirt out in the field. It looks like somebody just dug a hole. From a distance you wouldn’t even know there was a crash there until you started walking up to it. It’s buried in the ground that far.” police said.

Deepest condolences to the family of the plane’s pilot Geary D. Gearn.

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