iCade, iPad Arcade could become REAL

The April Fool’s Day gadget by the Ty Liotta, the ThinkGeek’s merchandising manager and head of custom product design, iCade has been buzzing enough in the internet world to become a reality. “People would really like to buy it, and we have had many people e-mailing and requesting it be created,” Liotta said. “Our customers know we have turned April Fools items into real products before, so they know there is the potential there.”

As the iPad fever continues to scatter, arcade addicts has come up with this idea of having an arcade version of this gadget. It is really reality that there games which still needs traditional controls such as joysticks, D-pads or four direction paddles. It is also a reality that among the applications that has been sold most in Apple Store are those game apps.

The April Fools iCade device has somewhat catch the interest of Apple Inc. It has filed a patent application, published on Friday, for an “Accessory for Playing Games with a Portable Electronic Device.” The patent was originally filed in September 2008.

The accessory could include any of the following: buttons, D-pad, joystick, a keypad, microphone, camera, speakers, and even a secondary display. The device could also offer a number of gaming related features, such as force feedback or streaming of video or audio to external devices. Apple also suggests it could include integrated memory for storing your “game progress.”

Over 2,000 customers have signed up on ThinkGeek’s Web site to be alerted whenever the iCade is available to order, and one customer even offered to fund 100 percent of the development costs to make the iCade a reality. Along with production of the iControlPad, it’s clear that gamers are willing to pay to enhance the gaming experience on Apple’s mobile devices.

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